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…the ship was jammed between high rocks… 290x232cm.(2009), takes an image from a 1922 edition of ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ found in a house in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad in 2001. The drawing was installed on an end wall in the final room of Gallery Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania. The work was made by throwing dry powder-paint at a vinyl stencil positioned on the gallery wall, so that the image exists as a fragile, ephemeral trace of green powder-paint with a much larger accumulation on the gallery floor. I deliberately incorporated a light fitting into the work and trails left by insects on the floor later added to its site-specificity. Two photographic works were placed in the same room as the drawing. These were ‘Havana’ and ‘Black River’. In ‘Havana’ we see spray breaking over the sea wall, and in ‘Black River’ a shipwreck is viewed beyond an out-of-focus foreground.