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‘Banana in its native habitat’ 265x280cm. (2013), NYLO, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland, was part of my contribution to The Judgement Is The Mirror, a group exhibition of 6 artists curated by Henk Slager (Amsterdam), 19.01.13 – 24.03.13, The source of the image is Horticulture, an early C20th handbook published in South Africa and bought in Johannesburg in 2007. As Iceland has the highest export of bananas per capita-head of population of any European country, I decided that this would be an appropriate image to transform into a new wall drawing in Reykjavik. In this case, the image is digitally scored onto 8 sheets of vinyl. Before peeling out the unwanted areas of vinyl, I drew a rhythmic series of marks across each sheet using a permanent marker-pen in order that my abstract drawing exists inside that of the unknown artist/illustrator. Once the drawing was complete and unwanted sections of vinyl removed, the 8 sections of the drawing were installed.